Maybe a glitch... maybe a systemic problem.

I tried to update my Speedcheetah to database update USA 6063 and the updater crashed during the flash update and now my device is totally bricked. I have done the monthly update successfully for at least 6 or 9 months so any notion that the customer screwed this up are invalid.

I opened a support ticket but am looking at having to send my device back to the factory in the UK as the USA distributor is out of business. Sigh.

I have had several messages suggesting a radar/GPS or dash cam/GPS multi-function solution instead. Given I spent $200 on the Speedcheetah and $50 more for lifetime monthly updates that apparently can brick your device plus another $50 for shipping and customs from UK to USA I have to say a $300 Thinkware F550 Dash cam looks like a really good upgrade.

This is not a slam on Speedcheetah or a sales of my decision to abandon that single function device for a multi-function dashcam... just information to ponder when you decide on spending your hard earned money on countermeasures that you are considering.


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