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    Quote Originally Posted by shanetrainST View Post
    MelbVT, possibly test this firmware out.

    VIP 3.0.14 - HDV567

    It's super early, but it my goto firmware as its not all broken and gives the BEST detection for me.

    I think beingaware is still running it too from memory.

    Looks like stinger is not producing quality firmware anymore
    I stopped bothering with testing beta's as it was just making me depressed, everytime I loaded one it would just piss me off cause it always had big problems. Now it looks like they have really broken it
    Thanks Shane, for tip check out this screen shot clearly showing the latest edition of Stalker Dual Aka Stalker DSR operates on KASW 33.4 to 36! I'm too sure highway patrol cars have stalker dsr and bikes use the Stalker Dual 34.7 as since removing my Stir+ I no longer get many Ka encounters however I've seen them many times and lets say if my local highway patrol purchased a few of these they are approved for use here and I've made Paul from Stinger aware, seems running stinger is a major hit & miss, Lets say a few newer units in use and we get fined because we cant chose to turn KASW on !
    Sum it up I'm majorly let down and think for $4000AU we deserve more options especially when it comes to what we want to detect and not.
    I suggest everyone gets on the blower and lets Stinger know.
    Name:  motre confirmation.PNG
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    Current CM's installed AntiLaser AL Priority; Radar Stinger VIP front & rear MPHD antenna,
    Retired and sold CM's Beltronics remote XRC+; Surespotter Ls-101; Cheetah C50:
    Testing equipment Laser Stalker laser LZ-1,ultralyte lti 20/20 compact, Radar testing Falcon HR Kband & Stalker Dual SL KA34.7 & Stalker ATR+ Vintage Kustom signals KR-SP10 K 24.150,5watt UHF radio GME TX 31000VP. 50watt Waccom 400MHZ 480MHz cheetah C550 Dash camera Cowan Aw2. Thinkware H50, ( If it didn't capture it it's a Thinkware!)

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