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    Raletc jammerfest 2013 featuring the al priority

    The laser jammer industry is very small when compared to the radar detector industry. In the radar detector industry it is rare to see an all new quality radar detector introduced. In the laser jammer industry, the introduction of an all new quality laser jammer is even more rare. We have been fortunate with the introduction of the Laser Interceptor in 2007, then four years later in 2011 Blinder introduced the HP-905 Compact. This year AntiLaser introduced the AntiLaser Priority, an all new laser diode parking sensor that can be used as an very effective laser jammer.

    On Sunday, September 8, 2013,RedRocket, RadarRob and Yellowcab gathered to test and compare the Laser Interceptor , Blinder HP-905 Compact and the new AL Priority (AntiLaser Priority).


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    With RadarRob’s and Yellowcab’s experience testing laser jammers, we have learned that when installed properly all quality dual head laser jammers, punch throughs will occur in less than 1000 feet from the LIDAR gun. We have been spoiled by the quality and performance of today’s laser jammers. Any quality dual system properly installed that is not able to jam a LIDAR gun at 1000 plus feet cannot jam that LIDAR. In these circumstances we generally observe an instant punch through.

    The course is approximately 1000 feet in length. The shooter, RadarRob “The Punch Through Master”, was positioned about 40 feet to the left of the driver’s side of the test vehicle.

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    We rented a 2013 Metallic White Nissan Altima. We placed a Laser Interceptor mounting bracket on the grill as a car. We leveled the bracket while the car was parked on a level surface. We used this bracket as our “constant.”

    Two AL Priority brackets were installed with sticky tape on the grill of the car. The laser jammers were mounted on top of the AntiLaser Priority brackets. The jammer sensors were mounted toward the outside of the vehicle. They were checked for being level in both dimensions and for being parallel to each other and the front of the vehicle. If requested we do have pictures of the sensors with levels on them.


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    All in all, all of the laser jammers performed well. Here and there RadarRob obtained some significant punch throughs. Previously everyone was afraid of the Stalker Lidar with firmware 3.5. Today the LTI guns did the most damage.

    For the Blinder HP-905 the 544 and 483 foot punch throughs against the LTI LRB are unacceptable. Additionally for the Blinder, the punch throughs of 427, 347, 303, and 421 against the LTI Truspeed are also not acceptable. Against the Truspeed S, the punch throughs of 410, 388, 434, 353, and 415 feet need to be addressed by Blinder. We can forgive the 402 and 476 foot punch throughs with the Stalker 3.5 due to that gun’s deadliness. It had punch throughs of over 100 feet in 36 out of 90 testing runs, 13 of the punch throughs were at over 300 feet.

    I was very surprised by the less than stellar performance of the Laser Interceptor against both the LTI Truspeed and Truspeed S. The Truspeed S has been an issue for some laser jammers. I am shocked by the punch throughs of 371 and 572 feet against the LTI Ultralyte 100LR (100pps), this gun has generally been easy to defeat by Laser Interceptor. For the “NOT A DALA” LIDAR, first I want to say that it is not a LIDAR that was designed, built or sold by Dragon Eye Technologies. It is another LIDAR that was designed, built and sold by one of the other LIDAR manufacturers. This LIDAR has a new firmware that was just recently released. Through RALETC’s contacts we were able to obtain this firmware very early in its release. The Laser Interceptor alerts to this new firmware correctly, but just doesn’t jam it. The pulse rate of this new firmware is the same as the old firmware. I believe that the manufacturer has altered the LIDAR’s filtering software that effectively filters out the Laser Interceptor’s jamming pulses. We have tested this firmware against Laser Interceptor’s 8.06, 8.07, 8.13 and 8.14 firmwares all will the same instant punch through result. Cliff, get in contact with me so you can crack this new firmware One thing to note about the Laser Interceptor is that it had the MOST “Jam To Gun” of all of the laser jammers tested. Also note that 40 out of the 90 runs resulted in punch throughs over 100 feet, and 20 of the punch throughs were over 300 feet. Even if you subtract the 8 punch throughs of over 300 feet by “NOT A DALA” there are still 12 punch throughs of over 300 feet, and if you subtract the 9 punch throughs of over 300 feet by “NOT A DALA” there are still 31 punch throughs of over 100 feet.

    The Antilaser Priority performed extremely well, and much better than I thought it would. Only 19 punch throughs of over 100 feet out of over 90 testing runs, and only one punch through of over 300 feet.

    The average punch throughs per jammer are as followed:
    Blinder 124 feet
    Laser Interceptor 175 feet. If we remove the “NOT A DALA”, the average punch through drops to 113 feet.
    AL Priority 60 feet.

    It seem that Antilaser has raised the bar. To me I believe that Antilaser is the winner of this test. Laser Interceptor wins the most “Jam to Gun.” Since Cliff has been involved with Laser Interceptor, he has constantly improved the performance of his product to the challenges generated by the LIDAR manufacturers and his competition. I would not be surprised if we see a new product from Cliff in the near future.

    Still with these results, I want more from the jammer companies. All of these jammers use a lookup table to determine what jamming sequence to employ. This technique has been used for more than a decade and as new LIDARs with new and interesting “features” continue to developed, we need the jammer companies to advance their computing power to jam these new generation guns. I expect in a few years with the new LIDARs that are being developed, the current crop of jammers will be ineffective against them.

    Hope our testing has been helpful to you.

    The RALETC Team of RadarRob,Yellowcab and RedRocket.
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