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    TX head requires GPS??

    So I got a ticket the other day, first one in over 5 years since buying the ALP system. Cop hit me from behind which is new for my area, and I didn't have rear heads. I drove by that same spot again today and sure enough, the cop is sitting on the on ramp to the highway WAY up out of sight hitting people from behind, so it looks like I am buying rear heads. My plan is to get a TX head to replace my center front head, then move the old center front and one new regular head to the back, but when looking at the options when buying the TX head, it says it requires GPS. Why is that? I don't have radar hooked into my ALP, my Escort can't do that, so what is the purpose?
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    If one were to take the time to do some reading in the "Sticky" Threads within the AntiLaser Section here on the Forum(for TX Sensor install), the answer would be found. The GPS feature is used control the activation of 'defense' mode until the vehicles speed exceeds ~21mph.

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