Let me think; I read Car & Driver Magazine one time and I think it was before they did their first 'coast to coast cannonball run. They had tested a radar detector which may have been called a Fuzz Buster. No one in NJ had it or had even heard of it. My brother lived in Houston and my family members raced each other (against time) going down there from NJ. Essentially Philadelphia PA. My brother used to do the run in 38 hours, my sister did it in 37 hours, and on and on; The Record Time got shorter and shorter. Then my father did it in 29 hours flat. That was in a seriously clapped out 250K mile Karmin Ghia.

Then a girl and I ran down and tied my father's time driving a 1972 Chevy Nova. While down there I searched (probably telephoned in those long ago days <g>) around until I found a shop somewhere that had a Fuzz Buster in stock. I think it was 100 miles each way to retrieve it. As I recall it; it was a rectangular box about 4" square and maybe 10-11" long. It looked like a half a shoebox or something mounted up on the dash. <g>

We made the run from Houston back to NJ in 17 hours and 16 minutes - via Atlanta. My brother kept the depart time and the girl's parents documented the finish time. The rest of my family never tried again. We made it OK but that 6 cylinder Nova was never really the same again. <g>

Then various Escorts and Passports and a series of others until a few years ago I bought a BellTronics Pro 500. Which still works well - but now recently it works Too Well - although I now fly more than drive long distances. The Pro 500 apparently triggers on new auto's collision avoidance system - so they must utilize radar.

What I would like to find now is a unit which detects all the Real Radar and so forth - but knows that from the ever-increasing collision avoidance 'radar'.

Is there such a unit?

Although; maybe I should start a separate thread for that question. <g>