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    Sensor not found


    I am getting a verbal warning - "Warning - sensor not found - R1" each time I power up. I have tried plugging/unplugging the sensor cables from the main control unit. When I unplugged R1 with the system powered on, I got an additional warning about sensor failed or something. When I looked at the configuration statistics, it does say that it is expecting 2 rear sensors, but only finds one.

    I also saw a scary message about the control unit failing. I think that happened a few months ago, but when I saw it it told me I could ignore it if things seemed to work - so I did - and it did.

    I'm clearly picking up signals both front and rear with both LIDAR and radar. How should I go about troubleshooting this? I'm not super excited about swapping out the rear sensor, as I had to pay the Audi dealer to remove and install my headliner to make it work. Took a while too... But I will do what I need to.

    Thanks - appreciate your help.

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    Hey Greg

    Have you tired connecting/ switch R1 and R2. See if the error changes port. If it does then there's a issue with the sensor.
    Also I'm assuming the system is current with the latest update?
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