The automated ticketing machine located at the intersection of North Tatum Boulevard and East Thunderbird Road in Phoenix, Arizona, toppled on Saturday. Local officials surrounded the badly dented intersection camera with yellow tape marked "Police Line -- Do Not Cross."

A vigilante in Belyayevskaya, Russia, grabbed a mobile speed camera from the side of a freeway on Wednesday. According to Orenday, a thirty-six year old man has been charged with taking the device.

In Ariano nel Polesine, Italy, vigilantes on Tuesday used burning tires to destroy the speed camera on the SS309, Il Resto del Carlino reported.

Fire destroyed the speed camera in Vouzeron, France, on Sunday. France Bleu reported that this attack represented a significant escalation from previous paint-based attacks in the department. Similarly, the automated ticketing machine on the D930 in Moncrabeau was torched, Sud Ouest noted. Yellow paint blinded the speed camera in Pouru-Saint-Remy for the third time this year, according to L'Ardennais. On Thursday, vigilantes in Revin glued yellow and black tape over the lens of the speed camera, preventing it from issuing tickets, according to L'Union. Orange paint blinded the speed camera in Haudainville, L'Est Republicain reported. Source