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    Thanks extended to modssl55amg

    I just wanted to post on some testing that modsl55amg did with me a couple weeks ago.

    I added a TX sensor to my vehicle about three months ago, but wanted to test the install to verify whether I suck as an installer or not, and also to see how the system would perform against the more difficult guns out there. modsl55amg was absolutely awesome to work with and we had an good time doing the testing and also chatting about cars and other things.

    So, for the testing we used a location in the Philly/S NJ area that some on the forum are familiar with and have used previously. The results were great, and there really isn't much to say other than the TX works perfectly and exactly as advertised. modsl55amg has a very nice collection of guns and they are all new, with some of the most recent software/firmware. So, here are the results, with three runs each gun, targeting left headlight, center, and right headlight and starting at about 1500' out from the lidar.

    Dragoneye fullsize: JTG / JTG / JTG
    Dragoneye compact: JTG / JTG/ JTG
    TruSpeed S: JTG / JTG / JTG
    Truspeed LR: JTG / JTG / JTG
    Stalker XR: JTG / JTG/ JTG

    So, as you can see the TX works amazingly well, and I am thoroughly pleased and impressed.

    Thanks again to modsl55amg and if anyone is interested in getting their system tested with the latest guns, he is a great person to reach out to.

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