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  • Which detector? Passport Max, Max 2 or Escort Redline

    When dealing with Escort Radar Detectors we always get asked which one is the better radar detector. The answer is not so easy since they are really all great detectors but your use will dictate which one in the best for you.

    I put up a quick comparison on the BRD website: Comparing the Escort Max, Max 2 & Escort Redline Radar Detectors

    In short the Max & Max 2 are really the same radar detector. Only main difference is the Max 2 now adds built in Bluetooth so if you want to add Escort Live you no longer have to purchase the separate Escort Live smartcord that you had to purchase with the original Max. Its still beyond me why they did not just call the new Max the Max BT or something similar. Naming it the Max 2 implies that its a 2nd generation product when its really the same product with one change.

    In any case as was in past comparisons with the 9500ix vs the Redline the same till holds true. If you are a City Driver the Max or Max 2 would be the radar detector of choice, In the city there are just so many false alerts that the Redline really just drives me crazy. Having the ability to learn and ignore false alerts is a must have for any City driver.

    If you are a Highway Driver, The Escort Redline still has superior range to sniff out alerts are a great distance especially around hills and curves. The Redline is still also the only windshield detector in Escort's lineup that is immune to all RDD's (Radar Detector Detectors) so if you travel through areas where radar detectors are banned (Virginia or Washington DC) or many parts of Canada the Redline is still the king.
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    1. oddpedestrian's Avatar
      oddpedestrian -
      You mean the max 2 isn't its second generation? That some damn good marketing then.
    1. NYSpeederPVM's Avatar
      NYSpeederPVM -
      Semantics? Or are there defined requirements for something to be considered a 2nd generation?
    1. ECMExpert's Avatar
      ECMExpert -
      The Max2 is second gen only in the sense that it has Bluetooth and Max1 does not. Performance wise they are identical. Firmware version numbers differ as well, the Max 1 at 1.9 and the Max2 at 1.3
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