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  • AL Priority Declared the Best Laser Jammer in the 2014 RALETC Head-2-Head Shootout

    Beginning in 2013 RALETC, an independent radar and laser testing cooperation, held their first ever head to head laser jammer competition with the top laser jammer companies all competing for the crown of best laser jammer. Then the clear winner then was the newly introduced AL Priority. In 2014, the question on everyone's mind was could ALP again capture the top spot against the best from Laser Interceptor, Blinder, Escort and K40? Head to head testing is difficult to perform accurately as you have to ensure fairness by removing all variables from the equation. This includes identical mounting locations, identical shooters, consistent targeting, a control state, and a solid test road and vehicle. In order to stay consistent with the previous years test, RALETC opted to use the same vehicle and test road. In addition, a new digital leveling system was used to ensure head mounting was level and square to the road per manufacturer specifications and two jammer heads were used on the front of the vehicle for each manufacturer. During the 2014 test, all results were streamed live via the RALETC home page and visitors were seen from 12 different countries.

    The Test Vehicle

    As in the previous 2013 test, a Nissan Altima was used as the test vehicle. This vehicle was white and was fitted with a front license plate to ensure a solid reflective surface for center mass shots. Two laser jammer heads were fitted from each manufacturer and each were subject to a barrage of police laser guns. Each pass was made at a consistent 30mph to ensure more difficulty for the jammer as it is subjected to the lidar for a longer period of time and to allow the shooter significant opportunity to establish a stable and consistent reflective measurement point on the vehicle. RALETC has experienced lidar operators and always use tripods to ensure accuracy in all measurements. Also, as stated previously the jammer heads were leveled using a digital levelling device and was checked against a control that was setup prior to the event an on flat and level surface. In addition the good old standard metal yardstick ensures square and true.

    The Laser Jammers Tested

    We officially tested four laser jammers on the day of the shootout and followed up with a fifth that we were unable to complete during the shootout daylight. It was tested the following day during the user testing. We tested the Blinder HP-905 on current firmware (as of 9/20/2014), The Laser Interceptor (at the time 8.18), AL Priority on current firmware (as of 9/20/2014), The K40 G5, and the Escort Laser Shifter Pro (No firmware has been released since its introduction to the market as of 9/20/2014). Each company was contacted prior to the event and offered an opportunity to participate in person, but only Anti Laser would have been able to attend due to competing priorities. Since there would only be one manufacturer represented during the event we asked Anti Laser to not participate to ensure impartiality of the results. As a result, no laser jammer companies were present during the test and the test was conducted solely by RALETC experienced members.

    The Lidar Guns Tested

    RALETC continues to protect the community by investing in and participating in the testing of police grade lidar units against the current laser jammers. We test old and new guns and acquire all of our guns through the same sources the police use keeping track as police versions change. We have invested over $50,000 in lidar equipment and continue to acquire the latest equipment when it becomes available to ensure the community has the very latest protection. This is always a cat and mouse game and it is important to constantly stay updated with the latest firmware from your jammer company of choice and hopefully they will continue to provide updates in a timely manner. During the shootout we tested 12 different lidar guns and in some cases various firmware editions of these guns especially the Dragon guns as these change the most frequently.

    First Up Laser Interceptor

    Laser interceptor has been the long time defacto standard in diode laser jammers. They have tackled nearly every gun on the market (US anyway) that was a real threat to the enthusiast. The Laser Interceptor team was one of the few companies that was able to put together new firmware and released it to the public prior to the meet. RALETC would like to thank Ivan from Laser Interceptor Corporate for working to make this release available to us and the community prior to the deadline. LI 8.18 was created specifically to address the DragonEye Lidar guns. These guns are a deadly combination of VPR and excellent optics. RALETC has been focused on these guns from day one as they offer the most difficulty in jamming. This was Laser Interceptors first attempt at jamming these guns. They were met with inconsistent results as can be seen from these HUD videos:

    Dragon Eye Compact #1 Run 1 vs LI 8.18

    Dragon Eye Compact #1 Run 2 vs LI 8.18

    Next Up Blinder HP 905

    Blinder has been plagued for years with not updating their firmware in a timely manner and leaving community members exposed to the latest threats and it showed today. The current firmware only performs well against older guns and does not address current guns like the Stalker XLR or any of the Dragon guns we tested. We find it curious that in a previous test not conducted by RALETC and performed with Blinder representatives present the Blinder HP 905 was able to address at least one of the DragonEye compact guns. We find these results questionable as we have all known version of the compact and the Blinder has never been able to jam these guns. We will continue to monitor Blinder's updates and see if they are making any progress.

    Next Up Anti Laser Priority

    The ALP came on the scene a couple of years ago with one goal. To be the best performing diode jammer on the market. They continue to get the latest guns and are fast to update their firmware to tackle them. The ALP was met with a surprise this weekend on the Truspeed SX as it appeared on some runs to be IPT and others JTG. During our initial testing we stopped performing ALP runs after it appeared the ALP was unsuccessful at jamming this gun, but we later discovered all the manufacturers had difficulty and even IPT depending on the run. Upon further review ALP has identified the issue and has already released an update to address this threat. As of October 25th, none of the other manufacturers have attempted to address this issue and all had less than stellar performance depending on the run. ALP continues to provide the best protection compared to ALL of the other laser jammers and they are very fast to tackle the latest from the lidar manufacturers. Even the infamous DragonEye guns were no match for ALP today.

    Next Up K40 G5

    The K40 G5 is the only LED based laser jammer in this test very similar to the original Blinder M25 system. We conducted this test due to the fact that there are numerous installers selling these devices and we wanted to see how they performed. Plus the K40 has actually been around for a while, but has never been formally tested by any independent testing group. The K40 performed about as good as expected considering it is not a powerful jammer and since there is no way to upgrade the software it could not possibly handle newer guns. As you will see from the results, this system needs some serious work to become a real competitor in this market. The top two jammers offer more than double the performance at half the price!

    Finally The Escort Laser Shifter Pro

    Many are already aware that the Escort Laser Shifter Pro is nothing more than a rebranded Laser Interceptor. However, since its release it has not had a single firmware update to address new guns. So while it is a Laser Interceptor under the covers it is not being updated as frequently. As a result it performed poorly on the newer guns, but was successful with the older guns. Escort really needs to address this soon if they want to continue to be a competitor in this market.

    The Results are In

    Based on the results of shootout the clear winner is once again the Anti Laser Priority. Officially RALETC recognizes and recommends the installation of the ALP system by declaring the ALP the best laser jammer of 2014. ALP continues to provide top notch customer service and is consistently working on protecting the community by putting new threats FIRST! RALETC would like to congratulate Anti Laser on another title as the King of all Jammers 2 years in a row.

    See attached Results below:
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    1. FJR1300's Avatar
      FJR1300 -
      Nicely written & informative.
    1. JohnBoy's Avatar
      JohnBoy -
      Nice job and to the point.
    1. kasher1979's Avatar
      kasher1979 -
      Good job Mirage.
    1. JohnBoy's Avatar
      JohnBoy -
      I remember being nervous as hell being one of the first to purchase the ALP, at least first here in Georgia. After they were so solid at the testing meet, we had several converts in short order.

      Glad to now be in good company with so many others.
    1. dragons's Avatar
      dragons -
      Nicely written
      It's awesome to see all the early ALP adopters vindicated after much of the crap the ALP copped from the LI crowd suggesting there was no performance difference between the two.
    1. RedRocket's Avatar
      RedRocket -
      Thank You guys- for your votes of confidence.We were aware of AntiLaser's earlier models & reputation for excellent performance,but the Priority opened our eyes & impressed us like no other Mfg did before .Some of us were early adopters ourselves soon thereafter.
    1. kasher1979's Avatar
      kasher1979 -
      It is an awesome product. Truly a relief to have it in my car. In addition to the product you have a team of people working "ahead of the game" and that is peace of mind for users. Again, good job on the article and testings guys.

    1. Yellowcab's Avatar
      Yellowcab -
      Quote Originally Posted by dragons View Post
      Nicely written
      It's awesome to see all the early ALP adopters vindicated after much of the crap the ALP copped from the LI crowd suggesting there was no performance difference between the two.
      Still being persecuted.
    1. languy99's Avatar
      languy99 -
      It's interesting but remember the old gol tests? When the older antilasers were tested they only got beat by the LI because it was a pre production unit that if i remember right it had two diodes per head.

      Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    1. Tman's Avatar
      Tman -
      Quote Originally Posted by Yellowcab View Post
      Still being persecuted.
      No problem : because we have Faith !
    1. THX1138's Avatar
      THX1138 -
      Thanks for the work to put this together and publish. Well done
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