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  • Rocky Mountain Radar C495... Does it scramble?

    Tom recently picked up a Rocky Mountain Radar RMR-C495 and has been doing some tests with it. I ordered one as well and have spent the past week or so testing the pants off of it, and now I've got a lot of goodies to share with you guys.

    There's quite a bit of material to cover, so I'm just gonna give you guys the highlights, along with some videos which demonstrate everything and go into more detail.

    Radar scrambling:

    There is something to it this feature, but it doesn't actually work in the real world at all.

    I say there's something to it because it can make fake speeds appear on every radar gun I've tested with, both K and Ka band.

    The goal isn't to make incorrect speeds show up on a radar gun though. It's to make the gun display NO speed. That said, it's worth testing further considering it actually is doing something at close range.

    RMR says that it only works against police radar guns, not speed signs or sports radar guns, conveniently enough. Since it only works against actual police radar guns, supposedly, let's see how it fares.

    Here's a video showing the RMR-C495 running against an MPH Bee III, MPH Z35, Falcon HR, Stalker ATR, & Stalker II.

    It successfully jams/scrambles none of them...

    Laser Scrambling:

    The laser scrambling operates via 3 IR LED's.

    Unlike a normal jammer which waits 'till it gets hit and responds with a jam pattern based on the actual pulse pattern of the gun, supposedly these LED's actively transmit a generic jamming pulse pattern all the time. Here's a look at what it does (or doesn't do) when put on an oscope and compared to an actual lidar gun and an effective jammer:

    Not very surprisingly, it has absolutely no effect on the PL3 or the DALA when installed in a vehicle. It alerts to the PL3 and DALA with ECCM off, but not to the DALA with ECCM on. Laser sensitivity sometimes is okay, but it's definitely nowhere near V1 levels.

    For those of you who'd like to geek out further, let's take the C495 apart and see EXACTLY what those "scrambling" LED's are doing and exactly what sort of pulse rate they're using to scramble a lidar gun...

    Other RD stuff:

    RMR claims that it is 87-100% effective at catching POP shots. It turns out that it's actually a little less than that. More like 0% effective.

    The rampup on the unit is actually not that bad. Here's a run against a K band speed sign that "uses non-police radar" and so its jamming/scrambling techniques wouldn't work against it.

    Reaction time is surprisingly not that bad either. That said, it can be readily defeated with fast IO as well. Both the Stalker II and Falcon HR can defeat it 10/10 times.

    Range I didn't test, even though it's marketed at having a 5 mile detection range. The terrain I have here isn't conducive to long range tests. (Mountains, hills, curves, trees.)

    I got hit with the PL3 the other day when out for a drive. The RMR was mounted low on the windshield, but no alert from the detector, even though it does alert to that gun. To be fair, I wasn't the intended target. The beam grazed by me as the LEO was trying to clock a guy behind me, but my jammers still went off. (Quick alert without even announcing the gun name, therefore I wasn't the one targeted.)

    The unit itself is really cheaply built. It's flimsy and light, very much unlike a Redline or V1.

    The windshield mount is not adjustable. The manual actually suggests bending the mount (!!) to make it level. That way you aren't trying to scramble the ground.

    Here's some high res pics of the internals for people who'd like to take a closer look at the guts. Click the links below each image to view the high res version. (This way it's not TOO big for those simply viewing the thread.)

    View high res

    View high res

    View high res

    This product does detect K, Ka, and older laser guns, but there's plenty of other RD's out there that can do that too for less money.

    The radar and laser scrambling capabilities are completely ineffective and RMR is basically scamming their customers and taking advantage of people who innocently believe their claims. This is giving people a false sense of security and people are not getting the protection that they paid for. Hopefully this stuff helps educate others who are also looking to some their $$ on quality CM's.
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