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    I did some extensive testing of AutoLearn to determine why it does what it does and how it does it. Escort cant share the details but this is some I have attained info to help understand.

    Slower speed Video (~35mph):

    After AutoLock 14 passes without alert, sill locking out signal:

    Faster speed Video's (~50mph):

    Signal stored at 3rd pass:

    Signal unlocked:

    Odd one, sorry i cut off spinning icon after alerting. I have an itchy trigger finger. So spinning icon, alert than spinning icon again (that i cut off).

    AutoLearn Bottom line:

    1- AutoLearn will only unlock signals that are no longer present after ~5-6 passes of no signal. Those passes must be above ~35mph to enable AutoLearn to unlock. (there is no notification of Un-Lock, it will just notify you the next pass)

    2- At ~35mph and below AutoLearn does not unlock. This is to decrease the amount of locking and re-locking of falses.

    Note: AutoLearn will review locations that were auto locked for any changes in the radar signal on every pass (Falses can drift out of frequency and may need to be re learned, or a new source may be present, like a LEO). However manually locked out locations are exempt/weighed differently when being reviewed by AutoLearn when its on.

    I used AutoLearn exclusively on my trip to NC and it did very well locking out the falses in the area. I also let it in Auto No X and and it was quiet as a mouse. No encounters in NC though.

    I have started using AutoLearn locally for some different type of testing (shopping centers with many falses) and it appears it unlocks signals somewhat frequently when there are multiple signals. This may become annoying but i believe it will learn all the nuances of the lock out area and be more consistent with it at some point.

    FYI: Tested unlocking manually after AutoLearn stored and it doesn't unlock.

    Note: GPS lock, mark... features require over 1mi, or a power down, to confirm and commit to memory the marked, locked information

    Below are some of the things AutoLearn does/uses for a lock out:

    Location, frequency, indexing, cataloging repeat passes for a same/repeat signal, general speed, approach speed, closing speed on original index, heading, other previous near lockouts, band, number of sources seen, and same signal identification, same signal seen before on another pass (ie, is this a repeat event or a near but different event?).

    I'm sure there is more.
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