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    Escort MAX 360 Ci vs DragonEye Compact

    RALETC tested the new Escort MAX Ci against a "late model" DragonEye compact. Let's just say the word on the... read more
    Mirage 05-20-2017, 09:58 AM
  • RALETC Presents: ALP vs DragonEye Compact

    It's OFFICIAL the dragon has been slayed.

    The DragonEye Compact came out in 2012 and was said to be unjammable. It was said to have a random pulse rate and some even said it did not conform to IACP rules. The AntiLaser Priority is the only laser system in the world to detect and jam modern laser speed measurement devices such as the DragonEye Compact. The DragonEye Compact is currently being distributed in the USA, Canada, and is being introduced in Australia. It's advance method of laser speed measurement caused many headaches to other jammer manufacturers. Companies who have been long present in the US market with products having the sole purpose of defending against laser speed measurements had NO success in providing protection against these new lidar guns, leaving their customers unprotected. When others failed, the AL Priority team accomplished in less than 6 months. The version you are about to watch is based on a beta release of the firmware. That's right BETA. The final version I have been told will be released in approximately two weeks. This is a new ERA in laser counter measures and I'm happy to have been a part of it.

    I suppose you want to see proof. Well here is the AL Priority vs The DragonEye Compact - Presented by Raletc

    So to appease the naysayers here is yet another video of the ALP jamming the compact. RadarRob is the shooter and he is trying to hold a video camera behind the
    DragonEye and record at the same time. Oh did I mention it's 30 degrees when they are recording the video. Now that's dedication to the community right there! This is
    a more traditional test with Center Mass, Driver Side, and Passenger Side Testing.

    This article was originally published in forum thread: RALETC Presents: ALP vs DragonEye Compact - PART 2 started by mirage View original post
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    Hmmm.. he got the S350 manual .. no

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