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  • First steps to take after installing your AL Priority

    The AL Priority was designed as a parking aid and once installed they are full fledged parking sensors out of the box. If you would like to activate advanced functions of the AL Priority to give you warning for interference or defense from laser guns you will to take the following steps:

    Step 1

    Update the firmware of your AL Priority - Go to Under Firmware Upgrade hit the enter button:

    On the next screen it will ask for your Serial Number, Enter Serial number of your CPU and hit the OK Button:

    After you hit the OK button an Equation will appear asking a simple math problem to verify you are a human, Put the answer in the box and hit the Press To Download button:

    You will now be able to download the current firmware needed for your unit. Just place the download file on a USB Memory Stick and go to your vehicle and insert the memory card into the USB Slot on the AL Priority and turn unit on. It will automatically self program in a minute or so and reboot once complete.

    Step 2

    Perform a Factory Reset

    Same as with the G9, the ALP system will memorize the number of connected sensors only when Restore Defaults options is activated. Since an ALP set is powered on many times before it is actualy installed in the customer car (factory test, dealer test, garage installer test, customer test, etc.) there is no real „first“ power-on. That is why installer/customer decides when the system is ready to memorize the sensor state. ALP novelty compared to the G9 is that not only the number of sensors is memorized but also the exact ports where they are connected for more security.

    Procedure for performing the Factory Reset:

    Long press MENU to enter Yellow menu (LED will change yellow)
    Press NEXT (Menu Button) five times (5)
    Press ENTER (Power Button)

    Step 3

    Go back to the ALP update site and this time under SETUP hit the enter button:

    Under Region Choose your region: For most of you this will be N/S America and immediately the basic setup menu will be displayed:
    Scroll to the bottom and look for Advanced Options:

    If you want laser defense you will need to select: PDC & LID and once you click that option a new menu will appear with all the advanced options.

    Laser Defense it set at 4 Seconds by default. Please do not choose Unlimited unless you are testing your system.

    You can scroll up and down and check all the options available to you and when you are done just click the Save & Download button at the bottom and save setup file to your USB Memory Stick and bring back to your vehicle and insert the memory card into the ALP USB Port and power on unit and it will only take a second or two to program itself.

    If your ALP Led is blinking Green you are in Parking Only Mode, If it is blinking Blue its in Defense Mode. Please note that it can take 1 minute for the ALP to go into defense model when LID time is not set to Unlimited. This is because there is a 1 minute timer used after restart and after a LID shutdown before the system re-activates in defense mode.
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