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  • Best Budget Radar Detector Under $200

    While some people are lucky enough to be able to afford and buy the best of everything, Its not usually the case for the majority of people. In many cases having a lower end detector is better than having no detector at all but even in the inexpensive detectors there are some that are junk and some that actually perform well.

    There are many models priced under $100 but most have very poor performance and they will usually give you a false sense of security. The only unit we recommend in this low priced range is the Whistler PRO-68SE, Its actually discontinued but still readily available at $99.95 or less. The PRO-68SE is a very good performing detector for its price and will out perform all of the Cobra units in this price range.

    Under $200 there are several decent units:

    1. Beltronics RX65 (S7 Version) - These are rare to find and usually only found as refurbished units from Escort's eBay Store. You can also PM EscortRadar on this forum and ask if they have any of these available and Larry the Escort Rep will get back to you. The S7 version of the RX65 is an enthusiasts top choice for best performance under $200. The downfall to this unit is that it will not work with Escort's Escort Live product and it also does not support TSR. More about this can be found in the forums.

    2. Whistler CR90 Radar Detector is Whistler's new flagship model released in 2013. Its their first GPS enabled radar detector and the only good performing GPS detector that you can get under $200. Whistler CR Products have very decent range especially on the more common KA Band. VEIL Guy has been testing this unit for a while now and he has been very impressed with it. He should have a full review of it available soon and its currently listed at $179.95 and it would be hard to beat this unit at that price.

    The two units above would be my current top picks in this price category. There is also the Whistler CR85 which has identical performance to the CR90 but it lacks the GPS so there is no camera protection but they are priced so close at around a $20-$30 difference that I cant see not spending the few bucks more and getting the additional protection. But if that $20 to $30 will break the bank you can get the CR-85 and save a few more bucks.
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