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  • Best radar detector for the money?

    Buying the absolute best radar detector can be very costly and many people can not afford to buy the best radar detector on the market. For example the top custom installed radar detector currently can run as much as $1299.95 for the Beltronics Sti-R Plus. There are tons of different models of radar detectors out there and with product refreshes and yearly designs changes that Cobra does there are easily 40+ different Cobra models floating around at any given time to make it even more confusing to someone looking to buy a new radar detector.

    To make it simple listed below are current models (Non are discontinued and all are easy to locate) and we have sorted them by price.

    Best Custom Installed Radar Detector:

    Beltronics Sti-R Plus (Retail Price $1299.95)

    Windshield Mounted Radar Detector


    Escort Passport Max ($549.95)

    $400 - $500

    Escort Redline ($499.95)
    Escort 9500ix ($499.95)

    $300 - $400

    Beltronics PRO 500 ($399.95)
    Escort 8500x50 Black ($339.95)

    $200 - $300 (This Category was owned previously by the Beltronics RX65 which has been long discontinued)

    Beltronics PRO 300 ($299.95)

    Best Radar Detectors under $200 (Performance wise Whistler owns this price category and they are very good detectors for the price)

    Whistler CR85 ($149.95)
    Whistler CR90 ($179.95)

    Under $100 (Really its hard to put any detector that is really good in this category but if you are really on a budget the only one we could recommend in this price range)

    Whistler PRO68SE ($99.95)

    Please note that the Whistler CR85 & CR90 have identical performance but the CR90 adds an internal gps antenna so it can warn you to fixed speed cameras and red light cameras which is not available on the CR85, For the small difference in price its well worth it to go with the CR90 over the CR85.
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