View Full Version : New 2015 Uniden Radar Detectors

05-29-2015, 06:09 AM
While I was skeptical at first that the new Uniden Radar Detectors would offer good value testing done by Vortex shows them to actually be very good performing models and their performance is being compared to detectors twice their price which is very impressive. For this reason we have decided to carry these new models and give them a separate section for discussion of these new models.

We have put these items on our website: http://www.bestradardetectors.net/Uniden-Radar-Detectors.html
The LRD450 & LRD750 are in stock. The LRD950's are on back order at this time. 10% off Forum Member Discount is available on these items which puts the Uniden Lineup at:

LRD450 $69.95 - 10% = $62.95
LRD750 $99.95 - 10% = $89.95
LRD950 $219.95 - 10% = $197.95

We look forward to see how everyone's testing goes with these new models!