View Full Version : Using Veil Paint As A Photo Blocker?????

08-13-2014, 11:37 AM
[U]Statement From http://www.laserveil.com[U]
ts difficult enough to defeat photo radar cameras, lidar cameras, or red light cameras, no need to make it any easier for them. If you really desire to use personalized plate frames, you should at least use a VEILed license plate cover. You can purchase inexpensive clear plastic license plate covers from an automotive retail center and then apply the VEIL license plate spray/coating directly to the covers with the provided brushes.

They typically run about $5. Furthermore, you should not use highly reflective or metallic frames and if you prefer to, apply VEIL - not as a spray, but as a brushed-on coating.

Has Anyone actaully done any testing with this to see if it is affective against IR Flash, I have my covers installed with veil on them, I just dont want to do a hot lap to see if it works or not