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  3. Alcohol Breath Detector Test ...
  4. The Funniest Interview You Will Ever See!
  5. Can she be THAT stupid?
  6. LG Tv
  7. Advertising in a bus stop
  8. 10 years in a coma
  9. Worst Invention Ever!
  10. Best Guiness World Record
  11. German vs other Languages
  12. This email was sent to us by a retired U.S. Army Ranger Master Sergeant. Good read.
  13. nice
  14. survival tips or man
  15. muslim...
  16. The Wife as a Co-Pilot
  17. bunch of jokes
  18. perfect husband
  19. why women have handbags
  20. Not really a joke but best parking job ever
  21. What NOT to do..
  22. skinny lawyer
  23. British humor is different
  24. why this guy do not need google...
  25. Simple truth
  26. Radio prank: wife caught her husband cheating, very funny
  27. man and woman
  28. Today's Short Reading from the Bible
  29. List of virgin celebrities (work-safe)
  30. The best of the best.....
  31. A Cracker....
  32. Walmart has hard time selling boner-cat sweaters.
  33. delicatessen department of cannibals grocery store
  34. Percussion
  35. BRD in Russia
  36. Obama speaks about the beheading
  37. Woman's perfect breakfast
  38. Answering machine message for ozzies
  39. Eine kleine nachtmusik
  40. Old man's get out of ticket advice
  41. Diary of a snow shoveler
  42. wach it...
  43. March 14th
  44. Alternative capital punishment
  45. My childrens book submittal
  46. One excuse
  47. Funny video like Hell about Leos
  48. Bullshitten