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  1. The Laser Ally might be just the ticket for your lidar needs
  2. Rear alert on the Ranger from MPH Industries
  3. Truspeed SE
  4. Stalker XLR
  5. Laser ally news
  6. NJ Speed Traps
  7. LTIís TruSpeed LR with Superior Laser Performance
  8. Speed Cam Gets Nicked in South AU
  9. Another Hit on Speed cams
  10. Moron thief
  11. NYS Trooper killed in accident on I-90
  12. "Speed Kills" manta debunked?
  13. new system to hit tazmania
  14. Man Charged with warning motorists about a speed trap
  15. Florida proposed Legislation to raise rural interstate speeds
  16. does this sort of stuff really go on ?
  17. Mysterious devices used in theft
  18. 2 oklahoma officers and suspect killed in chase
  19. Google Chrome Allows Eavesdropping
  20. Gmail Down World Wide
  21. Abbott's video suspended from YouTube (Aussie PM)
  23. Flashing Lights Warning Motorists is now Legal...
  24. To Protect and Serve
  25. Porn star fears illegal O sized breasts kill her
  26. Speed Traps Set Up To Catch Bike Week Speeders
  27. Controversial Speed Trap Under Investigation
  28. Putting the brakes on speed traps
  29. Press Set Speed Trap to Catch Speeding Cops
  30. Toronto Cops Riding in Hearses.....To Write More Tickets
  31. Speed trap town to be disolved
  32. Goggle taking over your home?
  33. Cops beating/framing some guy.
  34. Missing Jet
  35. The Missing Dog, Snakes alive
  36. Digital Ally State contracts
  37. Florida police ticket bonus!!!!
  38. Now the Ontario Cops are Dressing as Homeless people to issue Cell Phone Tickets
  39. St-Louis Begins Using DragonEye Cam Speed Cameras
  40. A close call for Louisiana Drivers
  41. local Georgia PD stripped of use of radar/laser
  42. Virginia Governor Sides With Red Light Cameras
  43. Has anyone been following the Cliven Bundy story
  44. Australia, France, Italy Speed Cameras Smashed And Burned
  45. "Speed Week" blitz in NY
  46. Flashing headlights is free speech
  47. A little something about my grandfather a Hero!
  48. This is How Bad Society Is Today
  49. Long Island, NY to get speed cameras.
  50. more speed cameras destroyed
  51. license plate frames
  52. Bids for medical student's virginity reach $800,000
  53. Polls on tolls
  54. Live free or die
  55. seriusly is this real
  56. Extreme Countermeasures
  57. ALPR's
  58. Redlex/Chicago
  59. France, Germany, Spain Traffic Cameras Disabled
  60. NMA State rankings
  61. NH: 10 mph myth? Examining speeding ticket trends
  62. Redflex/VA
  63. More Speed cameras disabled
  64. Outrageous
  65. SCOTUS says OK to shoot motorists
  66. WSP vs LLH's
  67. UK Report: $500 Million Profit From Parking Ticket Cameras
  68. Judge Shames California City, City Dumps Red Light Cameras
  69. Houston Goes High-Tech
  70. UK: Revised Analysis Finds Accidents Increase With Speed Cameras
  71. N.H. Leadfoot Gets Owned PSL x2 !
  72. Iowa Court Sides With State Over Speed Camera Regulation
  73. Big Brother Taxicabs
  74. Florida Supreme Court Strikes Down Unauthorized Red Light Cameras
  75. Harnessing the Power of Feedback Loops
  76. Australian BarBQue
  77. Agency aims to regulate map aids
  78. US House Approves Ban On Federal Traffic Camera Funding
  79. Ohio Justices Skeptical Of Toledo Red Light Camera Program
  80. Another California Jury Indicts Red Light Cameras
  81. French facists
  82. K 40 and escort Inc patent case, testimony.
  83. Riverside, California Prepares To Dump Red Light Cameras
  84. STARCHASE catching speeders without chasing
  85. France, UK: Speed Cameras Spraypainted, Scorched
  86. Amtrak Acela slams into SUV @ 120mph+
  87. Federal Court: Cops Cannot Push Drug Dog Into Open Car Door
  88. Kiosks nab speeders
  89. California City Has Second Thoughts About Red Light Cameras
  90. SCOTUS Rules Warrants Needed for Cellphone Search
  91. More crook county
  92. Barrie OPP Copper Seriously Hurt
  93. Mike a big GOP donor in ohio
  94. No honor amongst thieves
  95. Virginia Catch 22
  96. Smash and grab caught on video escort 9500IX
  97. AC Expo
  98. ATS Sues Xerox Over Document Production
  99. For Redflex, A Summer Of Lawsuits
  100. North Carolina Sheriff To Stand Trial For Harassing Hispanic Motorists
  101. Idaho Court Criminalizes Sleeping It Off
  102. Barrie Advance Propaganda Piece
  103. Oklahoman sheriff using dummy cop to slow speeders
  104. Arizona, Germany, Italy: Speed Cameras Attacked
  105. Cobra electronics: leading innovation
  106. Max max and more max
  107. UK: Injuries And Accident Rise In 20 MPH Zones
  108. Florida Supreme Court Rejects Traffic Stop Based On Color
  109. Ohio Lawsuit Accuses Speed Camera Company Of Exploitation
  110. Local government uses waze to track you.
  111. Woman trying to avoid ticket claims dead man as driver.
  112. France, UAE: Speed Cameras Painted and burned.
  113. Missouri Puts Transportation Funding Measure On Ballot
  114. Florida To Ticket Drivers Who Do Not Crawl Past Garbage Trucks
  115. Driver hits road worker on purpose (news video)
  116. Cameras now outpacing cops in ticket revenue in NYC.
  117. Whistler makes fox news
  118. More cameras = more revenue in NYC. Now producing more than LEO issued viioaltions
  119. Massachusetts: Smell Of Marijuana No Longer Justifies Car Search
  120. DragonCam hit Tennessee today with a Bang!
  121. Study: California Cell Phone Ban Fails To Reduce Accidents
  122. DRAGONCAM attacks 150 tickets one day residents are pissed!!!! News video
  123. Scorpion radar jammer creator in more trouble
  124. CT Trooper pleads guilty; stole from dead motorcyclist.
  125. Illinois Man Sues Over Chicago Redflex Fraud
  126. Bermuda To Seize Cars Over Window Tint
  127. Texas Motorist Wins $77,500 After Traffic Cops Steal Cash
  128. Homeowners association issuing tickets (news video)
  129. Go High Tech to Fight Speeding Tickets
  130. Ohio state troopers when best looking cruiser competition.
  131. Canada: Lawmakers Consider Seizing Cars Over Guns
  132. Wisconsin Supreme Court Upholds Driving Away From Cop At Window
  133. Cranky judge leads to laser Atlanta lidar ticket getting thrown out
  134. Ohio, France, Germany: Traffic Cameras Disabled
  135. Washington Court: DUI Blood Sample Test Requires Warrant
  136. Illinois: Chicago Red Light Camera Spotlight Expands
  137. Wisconsin Supreme Court Upholds Driving Away From Cop At Window
  138. Texas Motorist Wins $77,500 After Traffic Cops Steal Cash
  139. Illinois Man Sues Over Chicago Redflex Fraud
  140. France, Germany: Traffic Cameras Disabled
  141. France, UAE: Speed Cameras Painted and burned.
  142. US Senate Rejects Diminished Federal Transportation Role
  143. Driver hands over radar detector after getting IO
  144. Drivers use radar to avoid police citations
  145. GA start enforcing new SLOWPOKE Law
  146. Man calls 911 to avoid ticket
  147. Ohio troops allow people to go too fast
  148. Connecticut: Redflex Busted For Impersonating The State Court
  149. Axe hits windshield, almost hits passenger in MA
  150. Gatso Red light cameras come to Abington Township
  151. Feds Confiscate 40 Land Rovers Over VIN Controversy
  152. Radar scramblers from the us disappoint Vietnamese drivers.
  153. Belarus, Germany, UK: Speed Cameras Bashed, Burned, Crashed
  154. US Supreme Court To Rule On Cops Who Get Law Wrong
  155. Ohio Town Backs Down On Anti-Crime Road Barricades
  156. Moto cop resigns after losing drag race
  157. Are police trying to get people to pay "snitch tickets"
  158. NJ Drivers might be able to avoid other states speed cameras
  159. Speed Trap sign infuriates Sheriff
  160. California City Defies Grand Jury Overs Red Light Cameras
  161. Virginia: School Bus Photo Tickets Violate State Law
  162. Survey what makes you angry on the HWY
  163. Troopers using 18 wheelers to catch speeders
  164. Tyler police taking guess work out of traffic stops
  165. Chinese police shine upon dazzling technique
  166. Tucson police radar vans are snapping photos at these locations today:
  167. Newtown Borough Council calls on state lawmakers to give local police the use of rada
  168. State lawmakers push to get local police radar guns
  169. The 79th Anniversary Of The Parking Ticket
  170. France, Italy: Speed Cameras Spraypainted
  171. Virginia Court Limits Windshield Obstruction Tickets
  172. Maryland: Group Accuses Speed Camera Operators Of Lying About The Law
  173. Chicago, Illinois: Judge Throws Out Camera Tickets Over Short Yellows
  174. Blue line solutions will hire part time cops to operate lidar
  175. Cops use LLH tactics to tag aggressive drivers (news vid)
  176. Redflex Officials Charged With Bribery, Fraud, Conspiracy
  177. Redflex Unlawful Termination Lawsuit Kicked Back To State Court
  178. Estonia, France: Speed Cameras Spraypainted, Burned
  179. Tampa RLC revenues plummet
  180. New Mexico Sheriff Busted Over Brutal Road Rage Traffic Stop
  181. Appeals Court Orders More Prison Time For Cop Who Beat Motorist
  182. Two Ohio Cities To Vote On Traffic Camera Bans
  183. Judge denies radar detector appeal
  184. Study Reveals Reason For Conflicting Red Light Camera Studies
  185. Sierra Vista, Arizona To Vote On Banning Traffic Cameras
  186. 17,000 N.J. red light camera fines dismissed because drivers never got the tickets
  187. HPD officers lied on stand to get overtime, in ticket rigging scheme
  188. Nassau County forgives 2.4 million in speedcam tickets
  189. France, Italy: Speed Cameras Spraypainted, Knocked Over
  190. Fastest speeding ticket gets free passes to NASCAR Atlanta race
  191. Australian father gets a $300 fine for speeding to the hospital for wife to give birt
  192. California: Red Light Camera Companies Ignore Reporting Law
  193. Kentucky: Lawsuit Restored Against Cop Caught Lying About Traffic Stop
  194. Texas To Vote On Toll-Free Road Funding Amendment
  195. Bus driver on Drugs in Sydney Au
  196. No Jail For Oklahoma Cop Who Lied About Beating Motorist
  197. Ohio: Reaching Into Glovebox During A Traffic Stop Is Not Suspicious
  198. NY cops get over $20K for license plate readers
  199. Laser Technology Dealer Creates "App Pack" with TruSpeed
  200. Pennsylvania Considers Using Radar Speed Guns
  201. LTI Marksman Laser Speed Gun Still In Use Today
  202. Why write tickets? News vid with busted lti gun
  203. France, UK: Speed Cameras Spraypainted, Torched
  204. farm tracter crashes into bedroom , and its not on the farm
  205. Federal Court Chides California Cops For Shooting Unarmed Motorist
  206. Officer disciplined over speeding ticket behavior (video)
  207. Florida: City Council Embraces Accident Causing Cameras
  208. overtime police enforcement in Sugar Land
  209. Police out in force on South Eastern Freeway as new speed limits come into effect
  210. Police Begin Enforcing New Reduced Speed Limits In NYC
  211. California Court Denies Sampling Of License Plate Information
  212. Canada: Speed Cameras Change Misses Revenue Target By $47 Million
  213. Ex Cop exposes ticket quotas
  214. France, Saudi Arabia: Speed Cameras Shot, Spraypainted, Scorched
  215. Federal Appellate Judge Slams Justice Department Over Immigration Checkpoint Detentio
  216. DC Inspector General Blasts City Over Bogus Camera Tickets
  217. France: Facebook Users Stand Trial For Anti-Speed Camera Posts
  218. DC Speed Cameras Have Not Improved Traffic Safety
  219. Federal Government Pours $25 Million Into New York Anti-Driving Campaign
  220. Two sided camera saves guy from ticket.
  221. The Best Yet Car Crashes through a roof
  222. Maryland, France, Germany: Speed Cameras Shoved, Shot, Spraypainted
  223. Florida: Red Light Camera Ballot Battle Hits The Courtroom
  224. New Jersey Senate Committee Votes To Ban Out-Of-State Photo Tickets
  225. Delaware Court Overturns Hearsay Traffic Stops
  226. Road Rage at its best
  227. Ohio Supreme Court Briefed On Anti-Camera Referendum
  228. Booby-trap-covers-Austrian-officer-in-manure
  229. radar-could-save-lives-in-desoto-sheriff-says
  230. ford-motor-company-offers-award
  231. digital-ally-inc-taser-international
  232. Couple rushing chihuahua to vet get $258 dollar ticket.
  233. California Workers Sue Red Light Camera Firm Over Poor Pay, Conditions
  234. Houston Police Department officers cought up in ticket fraud. Thousands dissmissed
  235. Video: Police shoot pit bull, dog lives GRAPHIC
  236. RLCs out in St. Petersburg, FL
  237. Missouri, Germany, Italy: Speed Cameras Swiped, Foamed, Toppled
  238. Ohio Supreme Court Slams City That Blocked Anti-Camera Vote
  239. New Jersey Governor Slams The Door On Red Light Cameras
  240. Indiana Toll Road Declares Bankruptcy
  241. Hedge Fund Takes Over Redflex Traffic Systems
  242. DC: Open Container Does Not Justify Car Search
  243. France, Italy, Saudi Arabia: Speed Cameras Scorched, Shot, Spraypainted
  244. Growing use of police body cameras raises privacy concerns
  245. Benton Police Department Receives Traffic Enforcement Grants
  246. Ninth Circuit Outlaws Random Motorist Searches Over Fish
  247. Texas, New Jersey Motorists Respond To Polls
  248. Michigan Lawmaker Makes A Second Run At Imposing Speed Cameras
  249. Radar Roy improved website
  250. Waldo, FL Police Dept dissolved!! Ding Dong the Wicked Witch is Dead