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  2. High tech tip for RD placement
  3. Anyone have a BEE III Pop radar unit?
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  5. Latch time...
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  7. Nice Belscort windshield mout
  8. Using Shadow Stealth Systems from EU with ALP
  9. Is Valentine Our Only Hope For The Future Of Long Range Radar Detection Product
  10. Thoughts on K Band Segmentation
  11. stinger patch antenna
  12. M-Edition Vs Bel Stir+International model & N.A model
  13. Yes the Bel Stir+model detects MRCD the driver warned by a specific acoustic alert
  14. Our own firmware hack from the better sources Au database=useless
  15. Is the Radar Community really dying?
  16. A Thrill that can Kill – APD Officers Catch Top Speeders
  17. Are You an Aggressive Driver?
  18. RMR vs Spectre!
  19. Cheap and nasty, but stylish, radar detectors.
  20. Review/Guide to selecting from the Top Radar Detectors(My Experiences)
  21. Police post speed traps on social media
  22. Video: Ohio State Patrol target speeders
  23. Is it worth spending $1,000 + on LiDAR protection? My take.
  24. Kustom Signals Falcon HR Demonstration
  25. Kustom Signals Raptor RP-1 Demonstration
  26. Maxim Blurb on Coast to Coast Record
  27. IS there a way to test my radar detector for leakage?
  28. What does the plastic bubble on the front of a radar detector do?
  29. Picking up a new car need a new detector.....
  30. Interesting website: App Tronics
  31. HTF do you release the handlle on a MPH Z15?
  32. New Police Cruiser noticed at the Jersey Shore
  33. Cobra's now at target
  34. Driver accused of having a 'laser jammer' installed in his Aston Martin to help dodge
  35. Pulled discussions from the officer forum
  36. Lasersoft SpeedCapture App
  37. Why the dodge charger is so great for speeders.
  38. Digital ally in financial trouble
  39. Counterfeit detectors on Ebay
  40. ESCORT Continues Record Hot Run with the Award Winning PASSPORT® Max™
  41. Why I still slow at false alert locations
  42. Mph makes wild claims
  43. Cobra and escort in same tech section.
  44. Drivers get screwed over constantly in America
  45. Ultra-Wideband Short-Range Radars for Automotive Applications
  46. What happens if a RD is alerting to laser and gets hit with I/O at the same time?
  47. Stalker Dual
  48. Tom's Guide - the best Radar Detectors
  49. More craziness from Escort Live
  50. Its here.... My new Rocky Mountain Radar RMR-C495 (Radar Scrambler & Laser Jammer)
  51. Mass state police k band frequency
  52. Never Speed in Virginia: Lessons From My Three Days in Jail.
  53. Man confronts cop driving recklessly to work
  54. Rocky Mountain Radar C495... will it scramble?
  55. Least/Worst Tailgating States
  56. New AntiLaser US Patent (Granted)
  57. Anyone use the Shadow Stealth products before?
  58. Pulsed Doppler : Lecture
  59. How can POP and TSR coexist?
  60. Need radar detector advise.
  61. Escort Redline
  62. Torn Between the Redline and Max
  63. Speeding ticket confessions
  64. So Escort wants to buy Cobra Electronics
  65. How does the tracker from kustom signals work?
  66. Truth about speed cameras and speeding Australian edition
  67. 33.729
  68. Product Review: K40 RL 100 radar detector
  69. Facebook speed trap group head to court
  70. RVM mount ? Thoughts?
  71. Vehicle Occupancy Detection Cameras Are Coming
  72. NYST show off their lidars and how far they can get a hit.
  73. Someone give Dwight Howard some CM's
  74. Radar Text Detector ray gun!
  75. Radar detector/Fuzz buster Q/A
  76. Escort max versus Whistler CR 85/90
  77. Escort live concern
  78. Passprt max 2 with E/L
  79. Semi Hidden V1
  80. Redline/ valentine v1
  81. STi-R+ vs 9500ci on low power k-band?
  82. What a joke of a top ten RD list
  83. V1 TMF 2 Vs Redlines TSR
  84. Perfectly tuned 35.5 Ka gun
  85. Manufacturers shooting themselves in the foot !
  86. SmartNav 5, navigation, camera, radar detector, video recorder
  87. Snooper 4Zero
  88. GPS Tracking System Minimizes Speeding Ticket
  89. Pop Quiz
  90. Redline and V1
  91. Ka spec display showing 0.000 on Redline & EL?
  92. Dual Antennas
  93. Cop explains how stationary radar works
  94. How would adaptive headlights affect radar?
  95. Cordless remote antenna detector
  96. Annoying cords
  97. Escort live up date
  98. I think I am going to buy a V1 but...
  99. New MPH Ranger EZ "how to use" video
  100. Traffic Enforcement in 2025
  101. Radar in PA this past weekend
  102. Mounts?
  103. POP is Poop
  104. Should I make the switch?
  105. VG interviews whistler
  106. Car Stereo Chick knows a thing or two about radar detectors
  107. Movement starts to ban Target Blu Eye
  108. Radar Detector" Detector" Spectre ELITE
  109. WoW a V8 detector ?
  110. Mountain Radar Detector Review - Radar Roy
  111. Which radar detector is the best?
  112. Why was i getting VG-2 detection?
  113. A Little radar detector battle
  114. RIP CM Products of 2014
  115. Is the V1C with YaV1 overrated? Yes
  116. Reason to have 2 radar Detectors
  117. Anyone car to explain this
  118. Escort 9500ci vs Valentine One
  119. Appeal court upholds Hoyt Fleming GPS patents
  120. Any new detectors coming in the near future? 2015?
  121. Beltronics Sti-R Plus vs Escort 9500CI Radar Receiver
  122. Speeding at 55 mph!
  123. K Band Frequencies in SF Bay Area
  124. For the radar tech experts;
  125. What's the purpose of low powered K band radar guns?
  126. Stalker LZ1 Error
  127. Transition from 9500ic to ALP
  128. Road Trip
  129. New Uniden LRD950 Radar Detector
  130. Video showing off an OLD Uniden RD
  131. Instant on radar
  132. V1 or Redline please help !!!!
  133. 9500ci vs V1 - Some quick tests!
  134. Rampup Test with K Band Filtering against a Speed Sign
  135. New Radar Tester from AntiLaser
  136. I found the best radar detector dashboard mount!!!!!
  137. Which to buy Bel StiR+M or Stinger VIP?
  138. Watch For V1 Deals Soon on eBay
  139. Two Florida judges dismiss 24,000 red-light camera tickets in one county
  140. Seen on a car in my office parking garage...
  141. Do You Use Your High Beams at Night?
  142. Radar testing using Vintage KR10SP
  143. Out of tune
  144. Some of RR's Radar Detector tests from the April 2015 Shootout are OUT on Youtube
  145. Does Audi RS 5 spew rear radar ?
  146. Glass or plexiglass ?
  147. USA Road Trip
  148. General driving practice in open road with few cars
  149. How's Life and Resurgence of K-Band Radar
  150. New addition to the fleet
  151. Blinder patent
  152. Pick off artist
  153. What am i doing wrong?
  154. Following a Rabbit
  155. StiR + or add on to AL-P
  156. NYC Photo Enforcement
  157. Mounting To Windshield Frit??
  158. found this the other day off of bay shore rd in fort myers Fl...
  159. Gatso RT3 FCC internal photos
  160. visual detection vs radar or laser??
  161. Stopping Laser, Radar, and Photos
  162. Radar Roy Passed Away
  163. New install on Audi S7
  164. Rear antenna
  165. Stalker Dual K band radar Can I use Ka antenna?
  166. K band falses
  167. Uniden LRD950 turning On and Off by itself
  168. E-ZPass suspension
  169. laser alerts
  170. great installer in Huntington Beach
  171. Please keep records of serial numbers on your all Radar & laser gear !
  172. LEO Pulls over a motorist....but why??
  173. EZ-Pass can be read at hidden checkpoints!
  174. New Vehicle
  175. Does anyone know of a radar detector that'll run off USB power instead of 12v?
  176. Learned a big lesson
  177. R1 against Red EX Which horse will
  178. List the states you already driven with your Uniden R3 or R1
  179. Old radars and scanners that you had...
  180. Best radar to pair with AL Priority?
  181. New Eagle 3 Radar / Kustom Signals
  182. The R3 for me
  183. Radar Detectors, Cheetah C50, and Waze in Brazil?
  184. Does any detector screen out collision avoidance ?